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 Electric Multifunctional Food Stand Mixer 1.3KW

 Stainless Steel 6-Speed Stand Dough



Modern Kitchen




Multifunctional Food Meat Grinder & Blender can be utilized to blend flours, dough, packing, beat eggs, and so on. The operation of the maker is safe and steady.

It has multi-speed drive. Users can choose speed to meet different blending requirement and obtain satisfactory results. All its parts touching food are made from stainless-steel and approximately hygienics basic.

This Multifunctional Food Meat Grinder is perfect for usage in schools, bakeshops, dining establishments and canteens. With its powerful 1300W motor and durable stainless-steel bowl, the Stand Mixer is a trustworthy and robust device created to fulfill your blending requirements. With 6 speed settings and a resilient beater, dough hook and blend accessories supplied as standard, the device is best for mixing dough, pastry, icings, mashed vegetables, mayo and numerous, many others.



    Robust and effective Food Stand Mixer with big 5.2 litre bowl to look after all your cooking and baking prep
Orbital blending with 4 beaters for great flexibility: dough hook, flexible beater, aluminium beater and balloon whisk
6 speeds and a pulse function allow you to control and adjust blending
Includes 1.5 L glass jug mixer, plus meat grinder and sausage making accessories!



Aluminium Beater – Great for general blending such as cake batter and sauces.
Dough Hook – Kneads and integrates so you can make fresh bread, pizza or pastry without any elbow grease needed!
Flexible Beater Blade – For sticky mixes, this specifically created blade assists scrape the edges to make sure all active ingredients are blended.
Balloon Whisk – You can forget whipping up egg whites or cream by hand– this accessory will whisk them to fluffy perfection in no time at all.
1.5L Glass Jug Food Blender – Perfect for healthy smoothies, soup, sauces, mixed drinks, child food and more! You get the same 6 speed settings plus pulse, and the 6 stainless-steel cutting blades puree and slice with ease.
Meat Grinder and Sausage Maker – Transform your mixer into your very own house butchery! 3 blades permit you to grind meat with a fine, medium or coarse texture, and you can make homemade sausages or Middle Eastern ‘Kibbe’ with the offered accessories.
Silicone Spatula – an excellent little assistant for all kinds of kitchen area tasks, the spatula is especially useful for scraping down the sides of your mixer bowl.

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Multifunctional Food Meat Grinder & Blender Flexi Beater


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